The Tutorial for Young Filmmakers will be designed to facilitate social inclusion of young people as equal, confident and pro-active citizens no matter of their family, ethnic or regional background by offering them access to specialized knowledge and broadening their creative competences timely and appropriately for their age. The course will also support their needs of early professional orientation by presenting a wide range of professions in the cinema industry and letting them try on practice what they look like. The course will stimulate a general framework base for personal and artistic improvement aimed to raise the chances of social inclusion of marginalized young people by developing their competences, confidence and communication skills. In this light, the course will contribute that higher number of the targeted youth willingly initiate and/or participate in youth activities.


PR3 will provide attractive online film making educational tool for young people to learn and practice major aspects and skills of the cinema industry no matter of their location or social status. Its interactive interface will follow user-friendly logic, responding to the user’s choices and guiding him/her to better understand the specifics of each main profession in cinema. For instance, the home screen will have a list of career options visually represented by icons. When the user clicks on the film director’s icon all other icons become inactive or locked and the user starts exploring the depths of this profession only by the corresponding video etudes and tutorials. The user will actively learn by multiple answer sections, testing his knowledge about the profession. The user’s choice will determine how the video etude will end and whether, for example, the in-game director is happy with the actor’s performance or not.